Douglas Fraser

Douglas Fraser presents BBC Radio Scotland's Sunday morning business affairs programme

Douglas Fraser has been business and economy editor at BBC Scotland since October 2008 - joining on the morning world finance went into a tailspin. This was coincidental. He was previously based in Holyrood, as political editor at The Herald and at the Sunday Herald. He co-wrote the Political Guide to Modern Scotland, and authored a report on the Scottish media for the Institute of Public Policy Research, which has been widely ignored.

Delving further back into the 20th century, he covered education, the arts and the Highlands and Islands for The Scotsman, though not all at the same time. Attending a school play as an Edinburgh Fringe theatre critic, he can claim to have been first to spot Jude Law's A-list potential, but is too modest to do so. The Sunday Times, the Observer and the Irish Times helped pay the mortgage at various times of need, and it is alleged that he has degrees from Oxford and Harvard.