Lance Corporal Simon Lansley

Lance Corporal Simon Lansley has one job: to protect Nick, the bomb guy. He’s good at that. But he has bigger ambitions: to apply to Sandhurst and become an officer. But he is ‘not officer material’ according to his regiment.

His dealings with Mac and Rocket show he doesn’t have the social or leadership skills for that sort of promotion. This hasn’t stopped him doing tons of courses to try and look good. If there was a course in underwater knife fighting, he’d be in a wetsuit like a shot. Lives in Braintree.

Married or single? Engaged to Charlotte. We’re very happy. I think. You’d have to ask her.

Who wears the trousers? Charlotte does look good in trousers. I’ll give her that.

What is your favourite band? Charlotte likes Coldplay. So, Coldplay.