Pat Barker

Pat Barker chooses Who Are These Children? by Benjamin Britten

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Who Are These Children? by Benjamin Britten

Pat Barker chooses Benjamin Britten's final song-cycle, Who Are These Children?, using words in the Scots dialect by the poet William Soutar, on the theme of childhood innocence.

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Benjamin Britten

Britten talks to the BBC in 1969 about the recurring theme of innocence in his work.

From The Week Ahead 06 June 1969 on Radio 4

Peter Pears

Singer Peter Pears - Britten's life-long partner - gives a masterclass in 1979 on performing the Who Are These Children?

From Master Lesson 09 Nov 1979 on Radio 4

Gladys Parr

The opera singer Gladys Parr on Britten's opera for children, Noye's Fludd, and their antics during rehearsals.

Speaking to the BBC 30 Jan 1970 on Radio 4


Singer Ian Bostridge and music writer Martin Kettle discuss the sensitive issue of Britten's fascination with children.

From Front Row 12 Nov 2012 on Radio 4