Henry Archer

Henry was conceived with donor sperm.

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2 January 2011
Lives at:
Bridge Farm

Henry's birth was a dramatic one: he was born six weeks prematurely by caesarean section after Helen developed pre-eclampsia. His arrival mended the rift between Helen and her father Tony over her choice to have a child alone.

Driven Helen soon found that the life of a single working mum became considerably easier when she and Henry moved back in with her parents at Bridge Farm.

While in a relationship with Helen, Rob Titchener was granted parental responsibility for Henry. He was thrilled to have someone he called "Daddy". Then, one night 5-year-old Henry witnessed an argument between his parents which resulted in Helen stabbing Rob. During Helen's trial he gave evidence by video link.

Henry struggles to understand why he can no longer see his Daddy when his baby brother Jack is allowed to spend time with him.

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