Jamie Mitchell

With his floppy, David Beckham styled locks and chiselled teenage vulnerability, Jamie was the Square's ultimate bit of cockney totty in the late nineties.

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First appeared:
9th November 1998
Last appeared:
25th December 2002 (Deceased)
Car mechanic

Jamie existed largely as someone that Billy and Godfather Phil could vent their frustrations on, and as a stud for the local Walford girls, including Janine - who he lost his virginity to! There were plenty of others too - Zoe, Nicky Di Marco and Belinda Slater.

Because I'm a Mitchell. right?
Jamie Mitchell

But he was destined to be Sonia's Romeo, of course - giving hope to millions of unlikely trumpet-wielding Juliets across the land. However, just when things were going well, he fell victim to Martin Fowler's terrible driving, dying tragically with Sonia by his hospital bedside.

And so Jamie remains forever young, forever blond, forever beautiful.

Played by Jack Ryder