Felicity Lee

Felicity runs a people development consultancy, Response Ability Ltd based in London for the last 8 years.

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Business Psychologist

She works in the areas of leadership development, team development and coaching, both in the UK and internationally within oil and gas, banking, media and charity sector. The work focuses on enabling leaders, teams and individuals to perform at a higher level, through robust assessment, feedback and development. Her approach is to work enthusiastically and ethically with clients, being supportive and highly positive but direct and honest in her approach.

Felicity has appeared as the panel psychologist on ‘The Apprentice, You’re Fired’ and the BBC1 Documentary “What Am I Like, The Personality Test’.

Alongside her day job, Felicity is a trained interior designer and makes furniture using ancient tree roots, Kinky Roots as well as having a passion for primates and primate conservation.