Heather Pritchard

Ruth Archer's mum Heather is warm and good-hearted.

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Played by:
Margaret Jackman
Lives in:
Prudhoe, Northumberland

Heather's steady reliability with her grandchildren and at the Brookfield Aga ensure that her rare visits to the farm are hugely appreciated by Ruth and David.

She's Ruth's anchor in times of trouble. She guided her daughter with patience and sensitivity through her struggle with breast cancer and generally provides a backdrop of calm to which Ruth feels she can always retreat in a crisis.

Sit yourself down, pet. I'll get the tea on.
Heather Pritchard
  • Likes - Cruises
  • Dislikes - Not being busy
  • Highs - Finding occasional companionship with the very eligible Professor Jim Lloyd
  • Lows - The sudden loss of her husband Solly in 2002, on the brink of their retirement

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Margaret Jackman

After a career in rep in the 1950s, Margaret returned to acting in the 1980s. 

She is much in demand for older roles on television and has appeared in (among many others), Shameless, Heartbeat, The Royal, Doctors, The Village and Coronation St.

She writes about her working life in An Elderly Actor's Blog.