´╗┐Bel has been running The Hour single-handed since Freddie's departure, but now finds herself with an eccentric and challenging new boss, Randall.

When Randall surprises her by bringing Freddie back to the show, she is both furious and delighted. Sparks fly as Freddie and Hector clash - and Bel finds herself in charge of an inflammatory situation.

She is furious to discover that Hector is considering a move to ITV, but in fighting for her programme, she has to take on her opposite number at ITV, producer Bill Knowles, whose charm she begins to find irresistible.

Romola Garai

´╗┐Garai's TV credits include Daniel Deronda (2002), Emma (2009) and The Crimson Petal and the White (2011). She also starred as 18-year-old Briony in the film Atonement (2007).


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