Peg Dolls

The Peg Dolls inhabited the dolls' house in George's cupboard. But as the Doctor explained, it had become a psychic repository for all his fears which meant these were no ordinary dolls. They could move, speak and hunt!

Fact titleFact data
Home Planet:
Menacing, macabre versions of peg dolls with broad, blank faces.
Start to worry when:
They say something like, 'Don't run. We want to play!'
Not terribly fast or nimble and hampered by a psychic reliance on George.
First Appearance:

When Rory and Amy became trapped in the house, they stumbled across the dolls and at first believed they were harmless. But after the ghastly Purcell was captured by the dummy-like creatures, they witnessed the horrifying transformation they force their victims to endure...

We want to play!
Night Terrors

It begins with the hands... Fingers stiffen and apparently turn to wood. And then the process spreads until the victim of the dolls has become like them. The Doctor called their state a 'living death' but when Alex's unconditional love for his son allowed George to overcome his fears, the Peg Dolls were expelled from the house and reverted to their original form.



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