Dylan Keogh

Played by William Beck

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Series 25, episode 8 "Only Human"
Final Appearance:
Series 27, episode 16 "I saw Mommy Killing Santa Claus"
Consultant in Emergency Medicine

´╗┐Shambolic Dylan lived in picturesque chaos on a house boat with the love of his life - his dog, Dervla! He often got people's names wrong and happily made up stories about his personal life to misdirect people or to get a rise. Dylan was the ultimate cynic, but could occasionally demonstrate a soft side and a strong moral compass.

When it came to medicine, he always picked the unusual cases, rather than the big resus stuff, and he loved the Sherlock Holmes aspect to medicine. Dylan was a brilliant clinician but his abrupt and tactless manner won him few friends (although Zoe took to his acerbic sense of humour and quickly became the closest thing Dylan had to a friend in the ED) Dylan was extremely reluctant to engage with his patients as people rather than as a collection of symptoms. However, this detached attitude sometimes caused him problems.

On his first day in Holby he rescued a woman, Hannah Fleet, from a bus crash. The severely traumatised Hannah latched onto Dylan as her 'saviour' but he refused to engage with her at all. This meant that he missed the signs that Hannah was suffering from PTSD and had become so disturbed that she ended up fatally wounding paramedic Polly.

Dylan's emotionally closed attitude reached new heights with the arrival of energetic new army doctor Sam Nicholls. Despite the fact that there was a clear history between the pair Dylan kept Sam at arm's length and maintained that they were perfect strangers to each other.

It was only when Dylan and Zoe were trapped in the ED fire and nexts of kin had to be found that Sam came clean - she was Dylan's estranged wife! It took the pair a long time, Sam being accused of malpractice and the pair getting stuck in an underground cavern, before they were able to work through the collapse of their relationship and finalise their divorce.

The difficulty of emotional involvement with a former patient once again reared its head for Dylan - this time in the form of Amanda, a young woman he saved after a prolonged entrapment in a rock fall. Amanda began to do volunteer work in the ED as a way of expressing her gratitude to the team who saved her life. Encouraged by Sam, the pair went on a date but it became increasingly clear that Dylan still held a torch for Sam.

Kindly Amanda only wanted to be a friend to Dylan but he became increasingly convinced that she had developed an unhealthy obsession with him and humiliated himself at the Christmas party by rudely warning her off. Around the same time as this incident Sam began a relationship with colleague Tom. Feeling increasingly swamped by his unresolved feelings for Sam and resentful of the happy pair, Dylan attempted to get Tom suspended.

However, Tom returned to work and Dylan finally lost his temper and revealed his true feelings. Realising that he could no longer handle his current situation he handed in his notice - effective immediately. After saying goodbye to his good friend Zoe he walked away from the ED into the snow.

Dylan Facts

  • ´╗┐Joined the show on 12th March 2011 and left on 15th December 2012
  • Dylan blamed himself for the death of Polly at the hands of his former patient Hannah Fleet
  • Before coming to Holby Dylan worked as a country GP
  • He was brought in by Miriam Turner, his old mentor and the same person who mentored Jordan
  • Dylan was once made to apologise to Big Mac in front of the whole ED by feisty receptionist Louise
  • Dylan was married to Sam Nicholls when he started work in the ED, although the pair were separated and she was in Afghanistan. He finally signed their divorce papers in Episode 40 of series 26 "Do the Right Thing"