James Lewis

James started out with a trial placement at a local auction house in Nottingham and fell in love with the trade. He progressed from there to Christie’s, and finally to running his own saleroom in Derbyshire.

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Porcelain, ceramics, paintings

James couldn’t stay away from his home for long. After spells at Christie’s and another auctioneer in north Nottinghamshire in 1993, he returned the saleroom in Derby that had offered him that first placement. Later he took charge of the operation.

Following this, there were a few twists and turns that led James to appearing on television. In 2002, he was made redundant but in the same week, he was approached and screen-tested by the BBC.

Two weeks later, he set up his own auction house with his dad and since then they have expanded, buying up a number of smaller salerooms, including the company that had made him redundant.

When not on the rostrum or appearing on Flog It!, James can be found indulging his love of rugby and continuing his love of animals, by campaigning on behalf of animal charities.

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