Field Commander Uljabaan

Field Commander Uljabaan is played by Julian Rhind-Tutt

Name: Field Commander Uljabaan

He sometimes says ‘resistance is useless’ to mix it up a bit.
Field Commander Uljabaan

Alias: Thomas Ayleswater

Age: 9 (Geonin years, not Earth years)

Species: Geonin

Appearance: Nobody in the village has seen what he really looks like

Natural habitat: In the heat of battle! Well, maybe more like in the comfortable warmth of the big chair where you sit to give orders to the people in the heat of battle...

Specialist subject: WAR! In particular, the creation of statistical models applied to predictive analytics for use in WAR!

Secret skills: That’s classified information. But he definitely has special skills. This just isn’t the right moment to demonstrate what they are.

Favourite colour: It is not a colour mere humans can see. But it looks a bit like fuschia.

Most commonly used phrase: ‘Resistance is futile.’ (He sometimes says ‘resistance is useless’ to mix it up a bit.)

Could be represented in confection by: White chocolate cheesecake. Smooth, rich, but could make you feel ill later.

Fear Factor: 9