Fraser Crozier

Fraser was the apple of his mother's eye and her death, when he was fourteen, had a massive impact on him. Already a little rebellious, the huge anger he had towards his father manifested itself in teenage delinquency, drug taking and drink. There was certainly an element of Fraser trying to provoke a reaction out of Murray but Murray just brushed Fraser's behaviour under the carpet, choosing to fix his troublesome pupils rather than his son. So Fraser sorted himself out on his own, learning to block out the need for his father's love and approval - and learning how to play on his father's guilt to get what he wanted.

Once Fraser 'got through' his wildness he attempted a few different career courses, finally settling on a management degree. While managing a hotel he met and married his first wife Eleanor, and they had a baby son - Sammy.

Fraser arrived in Shieldinch after having being thrown out by Eleanor and looking for his father to invest in his new business - Heavenly Herbals. Things get off to a rocky start - Fraser is still resentful of Murray over his mother's death and isn't impressed to discover that his Dad is living with new girlfriend Gina. With nowhere else to go he's forced to stick around and make a go of things in Shieldinch. But he's not exactly Mr Popular thanks to his arrogance and his underhanded attempt to get one over on Gabriel Brodie leaves him with an enemy for life.

Fraser desperately wants to build on Heavenly Herbals and has shown that he'll resort to dirty tactics to get what he wants. In an attempt to obtain land at a cheap price, Fraser persuaded Deek to join him in dumping industrial waste on it. Deek is forced to take the fall for Fraser's crimes when the community discovers that their potential children's playground has been spoilt by this waste. Fraser buys Deek's silence with 50% of Heavenly Herbals.

Fraser and Amber Murdoch have fallen in love and are considering moving in together but will Amber be able to put up with his lies and scheming?

Neil McNulty

Neil plays Fraser Crozier in River City.