Roxy Mitchell

Life's never boring when Roxy's around. She's impulsive, flirtatious and can smell an opportunity for mischief from ten paces.

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First appearance:
24th July 2007
27 Albert Square
Receptionist at Blades

Being a Mitchell, Roxy's not afraid to speak her mind and when she sees something she wants, nothing will stop her… not even if the object of her affections is her sister's man, Jack Branning - with whom she had a baby.

Roxy's flirtations with cocaine, whilst she was with hubby Sean Slater, are a distant memory. But, of course, her life remains complicated. Especialy when bad boy Carl White was in town! With a young daughter though, Roxy's got responsibilities. And although she may not be the worlds best parent, with her partner in crime Ronnie by her side, Amy's sure to grow up a fully-fledged Mitchell!

Played by Rita Simons