Madame Kovarian

We may never know precisely when, but Madame Kovarian was behind the kidnapping of Amy, shortly after she married Rory. She whisked her away and replaced her with a Flesh counterpart, took her baby and conditioned the child to kill the Doctor.

Fact titleFact data
Also known as:
Eye Patch lady
Looks human, tends to dress in black and wear an eye patch-like device.
Start to worry when...
You begin to see her in everyday situations... especially if she's urging you to push.

Kovarian remains a mysterious figure but we know she has a strong connection with the Silence and was apparently in charge of events at the Battle of Demons Run. For reasons unknown she is desperate to destroy the Doctor and takes a terrible glee in his anguish.

Madame Kovarian

The Doctor has encountered many evil enemies but there is something particularly disquieting about Kovarian. Her cruelty and extreme hatred of the Time Lord make her one of the most unsettling opponents he has ever faced.


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