Jane Beale

Down to earth Jane is a feisty customer. Beneath that brassy exterior lies a shrewd mind and a kind heart.

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First appearance:
22nd June 2004
Partner at Beales

You have to admire any woman who's been married to Ian Beale (there've been a few) and escaped with her sanity. Not only did Jane work around the clock for Walford's leading entrepreneur, she also became step-mum to his three kids (best we forget the fourth who tried to kill her).

Ian and Jane's relationship weathered several storms - her affair with Grant, his dalliances with Janine Butcher and Glenda Mitchell and myriad underhand cons, general ambivalence and neglect, but Lucy's abortion was the turning point. Jane recently found herself looking after Ian once again, in the aftermath of Lucy's death.

Played by Laurie Brett