On Now : Gemma Cairney
Playing: Knights of Cydonia (Radio 1's Big Weekend 2015) by Muse
BBC Radio 1

What is Éclair Fifi?

A lover

What is Éclair Fifi not?

A hater

What is the most played tune on your mp3 player right now?

Jeremih – R.I.P.

What is your guilty secret (record)?

I don’t believe in guilty pleasures, if you like it then sing and shout about it!

What was the first record you bought?

Ray Parker Jnr – Ghostbusters (instrumental dub)

What is the soundtrack inside your head right now?

Sophie - Bipp

What is the biggest gig you have played?

LuckyMe stage at Sonar Festival in 2010. 12,000+ people.

What is the smallest gig you have played?

I can’t pinpoint a specific one as I play 100 capacity (or less) clubs a lot; they’re often my favourite parties – packed and hot!

Who would you most like to DJ head to head with?

Hudson Mohawke. Done it many times but he’s always fun to go back 2 back with.

Do you have any DJing superstitions?

I used to when I was younger but not now. I’m actually pretty superstitious about everything apart from music, the fewer rules I have about a show beforehand the more I enjoy it.

Who would play you in the movie of your life?

Tavi Gevinson.

What has been the greatest moment in your life so far?

Having an epiphany a few years ago that drove me to give up my day job and do music and design, it’s been hard at times but it was the best decision of my life.