John Wadsworth

48 year old Detective Sergeant John Wadsworth is a man who is losing a grip on all aspects of his life. He’s a father to young children - Jack, Ben and Amber - and is married to Amanda. But their relationship is strained to the point where they are both seeing other people.

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He has no relief at work, where he’s working with the murder investigation team under Detective Constable Andy Shepherd’s leadership. They are busy on a major case after a string of dead bodies were been found in the area.

John and his wife Amanda

John has the makings of a decent detective. He’s experienced enough to take young and eager police officers under his wing, and given another time and place, John would have been a brilliant mentor. But as the net begins to close - both at home and at work - John is unable to unpick the tangled web that he’s in and he loses sight of the harmless, happy-go-lucky family man he used to be.

John is a man on the edge. And being desperate drives you to do desperate things. What happens when you have a split second to make a decision? What if you make the wrong choice?But being a detective has its advantages and John is going to need nerves of steel to get through his ordeal.

Kevin Doyle on his character

How did you come to be involved in series two?

Like other actors, I auditioned. I was sent all the scripts and knew immediately that I wanted to be involved. It was a slightly strange audition because I knew everyone in the room quite well, and in a way I knew that that would make it all the more difficult. I didn't want to let them down. Also, I read for two very different parts which meant that it was difficult to focus on one persona. I wanted to say “Just give me anything, I just want to be in this show”. Typical actor!

How would you describe your character?

I would say that he is a decent man - a detective dealing with serious crimes who finds himself in a very difficult position. To say anymore than that would be to give too much away. It was interesting because as the filming progressed, more and more of the cast and crew would say how, despite what John finds himself having to do, they felt sorry for the man.

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