Ian Craig

Ian is often the voice of reason in Ambridge.

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Played by:
Stephen Kennedy
Lives at:
Honeysuckle Cottage

A confidant and comforter of many a troubled resident, the Grey Gables chef is socially easy-going and affable.

However, Ian can be outspoken with partner Adam Macy when he thinks Adam's overstepped the mark.

His untiring support for Adam's gran Peggy while she cared for Jack revealed him to be not only a rock of sense but genuinely caring.

I could whip something up with this venison
Ian Craig
  • Likes - An occasional cigarette (much to Adam's chagrin), passionate about food
  • Dislikes - Tidiness, getting up in the morning
  • Highs - His father turning up unexpectedly at his civil partnership ceremony
  • Lows - A row with Adam when a friend asked Ian to father a child (and then changed her mind), Adam's erratic behaviour because of the mega-dairy arable contract

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