Making Mum and Dad

By Harry McMurray, aged 10

2013 SILVER WINNER - 10-13 years old

Watch Michael Ball read 'Making Mum and Dad' during the 500 WORDS 2013 grand final.

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"Tim what are you doing!" called Mum.

Tim had been busy decorating the carpet with the many cereals which were supposed to be in their cupboard. Tim stood in the middle of it all, surrounded by empty cereal packets and was trying to get a heavily jammed piece of bread (he couldn't make toast) to stick to the ceiling.

Mum entered, "I j-j-j-just...".

Tim interrupted excitedly "Hey Mum do you like how I filled the cushions with rice crispies?" Stunned his Mum completely missed the description of how he had to lick the honey loops to get them to stick on the wall, she overlooked the fact the carpet had started to really smell with the amount of spilt milk. She couldn't do anything except ...[POP]...

Tim rushed to Dad and enquired, "are Mum's happy when they come home and find cereal strewn all over the place?"

"Go away, as you may have noticed I am working and have no time for non constructive verbal play with you." grumbled Tim's Dad.

"But I have another question about Mum" persisted Tim.

"So ask her!"

"I can't."

"Then look it up."

"You're on the computer though."

"Look in a book boy".

"I read last night."

"Humph, I don't know."

"Pleeease can I ask you something Dad?"

"Okay go on."

"Is Mum supposed to fall apart? She did ten minutes ago." asked Tim in a triumphant sort of way.

"W-W-What do you mean?" stammered Dad.

"Come on I'll show you" said Tim gesturing wildly with his hands. But Tim's Dad was glued to his seat, and didn't move or make a sound for he knew how truthful Tim was even with his highly imaginative brain. So what did Tim's Dad do? He did exactly what his wife did, fell apart were he sat.

Now, young Tim couldn't go and ring the ambulance (he didn't know their number) he couldn't pluck up the courage in going next door and asking if they could help him rebuild his parents. So the only option was to rebuild them himself.

Tim set to work immediately, he pulled out the sewing kit (he knew how to sew, aren't nanas useful?). Setting to work with needle and thread his fingers moved like lightening. Just then he had a thought: "I wonder if I could make a few useful changes" he smiled to himself "Dad liked the piano, it would be cool if he could play with his feet. Mum always asked me to lend a hand, so what if I gave her an extra one?" The ideas kept mounting up and in the end Mum had a rubber glove as an extra hand, one eye in the back of her head and inward facing ears (easy to be seen and not heard!). Dad had five fingers instead of toes, and a removable thumb useful for a trick he likes.

Won't they get a surprise when they come round!

Now where's that jam slice...