Sergeant Sidney Fenton

Arrogant. A strong leader. Darkly funny, often at the expense of others.

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Married, with a teenage daughter. Fenton is a corrupt cop.

He takes bribes, beats suspects for confessions and plants or destroys evidence to suit his view of who is guilty.

Racist. Homophobic. Misogynistic - but comes down hard on wife beaters; to him women are like children, they need to be protected.

Thinks the police force is no place for a woman and makes sure Gina knows it.

Fenton believes that he is right about pretty much everything and has no qualms about his world view. He plays the system to gain the upper hand and to put “scum” behind bars.

A bit of extra money in his pocket is just his due. He will go to any lengths to keep his slice of the pie.

Ironically, despite all this he is a talented cop; instinctive, seasoned, and tough as nails. Fenton also has a softer side that he keeps very, very well hidden.

Played by Charles De'Ath.