Danielle Cato

Danielle is a real family girl and loves nothing more than relaxing at home, "I am a normal girl from a loving family, determined to do my best. I have a real passion and I am doing the show to relight the fire in my heart and soul and really dance again."

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Danielle started Ballet aged 5. She attended White Lodge Royal Ballet School and aged 13, performed in the The Nutcracker, but her career faltered when, as a teenager, she suffered a series of ankle injuries. Danielle describes discovering she had bone spurs as "the most crushing and worst time" as it put a halt to her Ballet dreams. She moved to Laines Theatre Arts where she trained for two years.

The 24 year old's first job after graduating was the part of Iris in Fame in London's West End. She then moved on be part of the ensemble in the pantomime, Peter Pan, followed by the ensemble in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang before resuming her role of Iris on the tour.

Her latest role was in the ensemble in We Will Rock You at The Dominion Theatre. She felt very lucky to be on stage with Brian May and hopes she'll be as lucky on SYTYCD.

Danielle's Progress

Showcase Special: Danielle took part in the group opening dance, the Girls' dance and a Contemporary dance with Katrina, Stephanie and Gian Luca.

Round 1: Danielle did a Samba with Luke.

Round 2: Danielle did a Commercial routine with Luke.

Round 3: Danielle did a Paso Doble with Luke.

Round 4: Danielle did a Lyrical Hip Hop with Luke.

Danielle and Luke had to dance for their lives.

Unfortunately, Danielle went home.