Margaret Beaufort

Played by Amanda Hale

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A fierce Lancastrian supporter, Margaret was married to the half-brother of the Lancastrian King Henry VI. Her husband, Edmund Tudor, died in battle shortly after they were married. She had her only child, Henry Tudor, when she was just 13.

A wealthy heiress, she will not accept Edward as King, especially with Henry VI still alive. She is disgusted with Jacquetta Woodville for switching loyalty to the House of York and will not accept her daughter Elizabeth, a commoner, as queen.

When Edward decides to take away her son’s title away and bestow it upon his brother, George, she is distraught.

She is extremely devout and believes that God wants a Lancaster on the throne, and that her son Henry will be king one day.

When her husband the Earl of Stafford dies, she has a 'marriage of convenience' with Thomas Stanley who is the Lord High Constable of the court.

Although relations are initially frosty with Elizabeth, Margaret helps revive Elizabeth's newborn son which swiftly upgrades her to the role of confidant. Will she ever accept Elizabeth and the Yorks on the throne?