Winifred Robinson

Winifred Robinson was born and brought up in Liverpool. She is one of six daughters, her father worked on the docks.

Winifred Robinson

Her BBC career started in Manchester at North West Tonight, where she was Local Government and Social Affairs correspondent and a reporter for File on Four.

She left Manchester to report for the Today programme, where she covered armed gang warfare in Liverpool, riots in Brixton and the conflict in Northern Ireland. At Today she won a bronze Sony for Reporter of the Year and became a regular occasional presenter of the programme. She has also presented The World Today at the BBC World Service.

Winifred joined You and Yours in 2000, where she is known as an unflinching interviewer. The programme has built a reputation for investigative journalism, exposing the abuses in quiz television and the rise of identity theft and bogus share sales.

As well as presenting You and Yours, Winifred continues to report from some of the most deprived communities in the UK in documentaries for Radio 4.