Lucas Johnson

Charismatic and strong-minded, Lucas was thought to be an upstanding member of the community, but his dark side soon saw the light...

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First appearance:
3rd April 2008
Last appearance:
30th July 2010

Lucas was a complex man with two sides to his character. One side was a loving father, a pillar of the community. The other chewed and spat out his halo.

That’s a very good question...
Lucas Johnson

He was once a drug addict, but he vowed to change his ways when his friend, Jordan, died. When he had a son with a fellow drug addict, Trina, he named the boy Jordan and removed the boy from his mother's harmful influence.

But when Trina followed the pair to Walford, Lucas did his utmost to keep her away from Jordan. He accidentally killed her and hid her body. This wasn't a one-off - he later saw red and strangled wife Denise's ex-husband Owen with a bow tie and buried him in the Square.

Lucas's facade began to crack as he tried to cover up his crimes. He finally revealed his guilt to Denise, then held her hostage, faking her death and holding a funeral service in her memory.

Realising the error of his ways, Lucas allowed her to escape, and was arrested. He is currently serving life in prison.

Played by Don Gilet