A great deal about these resolute robots remains a mystery. We don't even know their true designation as 'Handbots' is simply their nickname.

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Discovered on:
Humanoid, white robots. Gleaming with suspiciously life-like hands...
Start to worry when:
They come at you with a needle. Or their faces crack open.
One Handbot hand touching another creates feedback that 'knocks them out'.
First Appearance:

They're drones with no capacity for sympathy or rational thought, but they are not evil creatures. They're simply doing what they were programmed to do, even if it means keeping people on Apalapucia when they are desperate to escape.

This is a kindness!
The Girl Who Waited

Handbots can render you unconscious by touching you with their disconcertingly life-like hands. They can deliver 'medicine' either through a syringe-style implement or by firing needles from a compartment stored behind their face! So much we do know. What we've not yet discovered, is where their hands came from...



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