Ian Rooney

Ian's thrilled at the prospect of becoming a father but can't switch off his psychiatrist's judgement.

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He met Ellen as a patient and as a result has always struggled with boundaries when it comes to her.

It doesn't help that his mother is also a psychotherapist with strong opinions about her daughter-in-law. While Ellen’s refusal to conform to expectations of motherhood exasperate Ian, it also makes him love her more.

Richard Rankin

Born in Rutherglen, Glasgow, Richard first attracted attention in the Scottish comedy series Burnistoun, and toured worldwide in the Olivier Award winning play Black Watch for the National Theatre of Scotland.

It was his iconic role as Capt. Thomas Gillan in The Crimson Field that led to other strong performances on television such as Silent Witness, The Syndicate, From Darkness and Thirteen for the BBC.

Richard stars as Roger Wakefield in the popular STARZ/Sony epic production, Outlander which returns in 2017.