Vicki had a tough start in life, losing both her parents and winding up marooned on a planet with a cruel killer who pretended to be her guardian angel. And then one day, the Doctor arrived…

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Vicki was brave enough to face alien dangers… but was terrified of heights!
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The Romans; The Space Museum

Vicki’s travels begun before she met the Doctor. Shortly after her mother died, her father decided to ‘get away’, leaving Earth with his daughter in the year 2493, bound for Astra. But their ship carried Bennett, an insane killer who murdered one of the crew. The vessel crashed on Dido and he proceeded to butcher many of the planet’s inhabitants and the other passengers. He spared Vicki, keeping her alive and in the dark – claiming the indigenous people had wiped out the humans - to ensure that she would vouch for him when they returned home. But the Doctor unmasked Bennett and Vicki was free…

I like the Doctor… But why does he wear those funny clothes?

When Vicki first met the Time Lord he had recently bid farewell to his granddaughter and a similar, familial bond was formed between them immediately. She confided to Ian and Barbara that she trusted the Doctor the moment she first saw him and so when he invited her to travel in the TARDIS, she quickly agreed. Vicki proved to be ready and eager for adventure. She could be a touch tactless and a little proud, once shouting at Barbara for feeling sorry for her, but Vicki was good-hearted with an impish sense of humour. She demonstrated a keen intelligence and even surprised the Doctor with her knowledge of the laws of time and the young woman had a knack of making her companions smile.

When she first learnt the truth about Bennett murdering her father she told the Doctor she had no-one. Fortunately, she found someone with whom she could share her life… After falling in love with Troilus around the time of the Trojan Wars, she elected to stay with him on Earth. The two looked forward to a life together as the Doctor continued his adventures beyond the stars…