Jenny Hill

Jenny's broadcasting career began at BBC Radio Jersey with a brief stint as the station's early traffic and travel reporter.

Jenny is not naturally an early riser, but pre-dawn alarms calls have been a persistent feature of her broadcasting career which began at BBC Radio Jersey. Here she had a brief stint as the station's early traffic and travel reporter.

"The tone of the day was set by 6am when we knew whether the newspaper and mail planes had overcome fog and tempest to land on time."

Jenny worked as a reporter and presenter for ITV and BBC regional TV, and briefly as a BBC Northern correspondent before joining Breakfast. It's a varied job; she's covered the Japanese tsunami, reported live from inside Buckingham Palace, covered the aftermath of the London riots and reported on the Eurozone crisis from several countries.

"The variety can be disconcerting; I recently spent an evening in a red light district interviewing sex workers. The following day I filmed afternoon tea at an award winning café."

And those who think a job in TV is glamorous might be surprised.

“Most of my live broadcasts seem to involve heavy snow, wind or rain. I've eaten rotting shark in Iceland (a delicacy there apparently) and spent a less than comfortable night on a North Sea trawler. But I love the job because I get to meet so many different people from such different walks of life in such different circumstances. So - as long as I've got my thermals and wellies - I'm usually in a good mood when that alarm goes off.”