Carly Wicks

The long-lost, tomboy daughter of hard-nosed Shirley, Carly was always out for a good time but underneath it all was a vulnerable girl who was looking for a soul mate.

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First appearance:
17th February 2006
Last appearance:
7th September 2012

After the breakdown of her marriage, Carly moved to Walford to live with her dad Kevin and brother Deano. She was hired by Phil as a mechanic at the Arches and he sponsored her to attend college. Carly enjoyed an interesting love life, having relationships with Martin, Jake and Sean, who rescued her from a dangerous situation with yet another man!

She started it!
Carly Wicks

Carly had a tough time at home. She’d been abandoned by her mother Shirley when she was young and later found out that her loving dad Kevin and little brother Deano were in fact not her biological family at all!

After Kevin died, Carly rejected Shirley’s attempts at comfort and left Walford with Denise to travel the world and scatter Kevin's ashes. While Denise returned to The Square, Carly decided to set up home in Australia, but still found time to phone Shirley to wish her a Happy Christmas…maybe there’s hope for them yet?

Played by Kellie Shirley