Captain Avery

Henry Avery was the Captain of 'the good ship Fancy', a traveller, a father and a pirate!

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Henry Avery
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Captain Avery is mentioned in the First Doctor story, The Smugglers.
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Avery was once a respected naval officer, but afflicted by an insatiable greed he turned to piracy, commanding a ragbag band of rogues until the Siren descended on his ship. One of his crew snarled that they had seen Avery 'gun down a thousand innocent men' and although this claim was never verified it's clear that the Captain is quick with his guns and can be an implacable foe.

She comes for us when the ocean is still…
Captain Avery

He has a son called Toby who believed him to be a man of honour, even after he deserted his family for three years. Avery's love for his son eventually led him to leave his planet to ensure his survival. Reunited with the Fancy's crew, guided by the stars and with Toby by his side, Captain Avery plunged into the unknown waters of outer space. Although his current whereabouts are unknown, he was last seen on Demon's Run, fighting on the side of the Doctor.



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