Ruairi Donovan

Illegitimate is a quaint word nowadays, we know

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Played by:
George David
14 November 2002
School pupil
Lives at:
Home Farm

But that's what Ruairi is: the product of an extra-marital affair between Brian Aldridge and the deceased Siobhan Hathaway.

When Brian made the choice to stay with Jennifer rather than starting a new life with Siobhan, he imagined that his relationship with Ruairi (pronounced 'Rory') would be tenuous at best, especially when Siobhan moved to Germany.

But her death from cancer in May 2007 brought the child - after mighty ructions - to Home Farm.

Can we feed the deer, Dad?
Ruairi Donovan
  • Likes - Boarding school
  • Dislikes - Insecurity
  • Highs - Although he didn't know it, Jennifer agreeing to take him on
  • Lows - The death of his mother

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