Rutans are the bitter enemies of the Sontarans and both species have been locked in a war that stretches back centuries. The Doctor has even conjectured that the two races have forgotten the reason for their ongoing conflict!

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First encountered on:
Rutans can adopt many different forms but in their natural state possess a greenish 'jelly-fish' quality.
Sworn Enemies:
First Appearance:
Horror of Fang Rock
Last Appearance:
The Gunpowder Plot

The Doctor encountered a Rutan scout on the island of Fang Rock in the early 1900s when it was revealed they were losing their relentless war and intended to use Earth as a strategic outpost against the Sontarans.

Don't fire until you see the green of its tentacles!
The Doctor

Rutans share the Sontarans' ruthlessness, caring little or nothing for other species. They can adopt different physical shapes and are able to kill with a single touch of their tendrils. But they are vulnerable to fire and can be destroyed using fairly crude weaponry. As a race they will stop at nothing - even the obliteration of Earth - in their quest to defeat the Sontarans.