Mary Queen of Scots

Mary's complicated personal life and political immaturity eventually led to her execution by Elizabeth I.

Fact titleFact data
Queen of Scotland:
1st Marriage: Queen Consort of France 1559-1560:
Francis II of France (1558–1559)
2nd Marriage:
Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley (1565–1567)
3rd Marriage:
4th Earl of Bothwell (1567–1578)

Mary was born in December 1542 in Linlithgow Palace, the only child of James V of Scotland and his French wife, Mary of Guise. When she was six days old her father died and she became queen. Her mother acted as regent in her stead...  Read more at BBC History

A lassie who happens to be your Queen, Sir.
From 'It Came In with a Lass'
  • Although Mary landed at Leith (Scotland) in the middle of August, she was greeted with very dense haar (sea mist). John Knox did not fail to point out that this was a bad omen. Others believe that there may have been an eclipse of the sun on that day.
  • Like her grandson, Charles I, Mary went to her execution with her dog

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