Vanessa Gold

Impeccably dressed, confident and up-front, Vanessa seeemed to have it all sorted. But underneath it all, she was a woman on the edge.

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First appearance:
4th June 2010
Last appearance:
6th October 2011
Lady of leisure

On the outside, Vanessa was well turned out, charming, funny, confident. But beneath her inches of make-up and designer clobber there was an insecure lady who needed support and love.

I’m not your shrink!
Vanessa Gold

Unfortunately, Vanessa was never going to find it in a relationship with philandering Max Branning. The pair hit it off instantly when she stopped by his car lot. She left her husband for him. But he wasn't her knight in shining armour...

Behind Vanessa's back, Max was seeing ex-wife Tanya, and his suspicious behaviour saw her descend into obsessive compulsive behaviour. When she discovered what he'd been up to, Vanessa lost control.

However, she managed to rebuild a life in Walford, helping plan beloved daughter Jodie's wedding. But, in need of money for said do, Vanessa found herself embroiled in a mission to honeytrap Eddie Moon (at the behest of his son Michael).

When Eddie discovered Vanessa's deceit, he talked her into taking money from Michael's safe. When she delivered the cash, Eddie grabbed it and drove away, leaving Vanessa alone and on the run from the police. She hasn't been seen since.

Played by Zoe Lucker