Rosa Makepeace

Rosa creates quite an impact.

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Played by:
Anna Piper
Dairy worker
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Pushy and outspoken, she was the reason Jamie Perks was dumped by former girlfriend Natalie, although they are friends rather than in a relationship.

She views qualifications with some disdain, having left school with few of them. But she was lucky to get part-time work in Mike Tucker's small-scale milk bottling plant.

Where's the party, then?
Rosa Makepeace
  • Likes - Having a good time
  • Dislikes - Her dad letting the family down
  • Highs - Getting mobile when her parents bought her a scooter
  • Lows - Her dad going to prison, her parents splitting up, her dad sleeping rough, her dad's suicide attempt... you get the picture.

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Key relationships

Anna Piper

Birmingham college student Anna Piper joined The Archers in 2012 through her drama group.

Archers highlights

Getting the part! I’ve been brought up with The Archers always on, so it’s very surreal and massively exciting to hear my voice on the show.

Anna on Rosa

She's feisty and determined, and loves a bit of banter with the boys. I’m sure deep down she’s a bit of a softy but she definitely puts on a front for everyone else!


  • Actor - Julie Walters. She’s an amazing witty and intelligent actress; an excellent example of what Brummies can do!
  • Book - Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit by Jeanette Winterson.
  • Film - Billy Elliot. It never fails to make me smile and it reminds me of my childhood since I’ve watched it hundreds of times.

I'd still like to...

...act in a witty sit-com, they look like so much fun and I think us Brits do them best!!