Nick Jordan

Played by Michael French

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First Appearance:
Series 23, episode 3 "Interventions"
Final Appearance:
Series 27, episode 22 "Life Goes On"
Clinical Lead

Nick Jordan made his first appearance up on the surgical wards on 'Holby City'. Jordan was a brilliant and charming CT surgeon - but one with a dark side who soon earned a reputation for being arrogant, manipulative and something of a ladies' man!

Jordan's estranged wife Karen also worked in the hospital at the time, and it was a crisis in their relationship which caused Jordan to respond too slowly to his pager, leading to the death of a patient. He pleaded guilty before a tribunal and, when he was cleared, handed in his resignation and left Holby.

Consequently Jordan's arrival in the ED was greeted with some trepidation - his reputation definitely preceded him! Both Adam and Zoe took an instant dislike to their new boss (although in Zoe's case this was tempered by physical attraction) but others such as Charlie and Ruth were surprised to find that Jordan was a firm but fair leader who seemed to genuinely want the best for the ED and its staff.

The cause of this mellowing soon became apparent - unbeknownst to the ED team, Jordan was suffering from a brain tumour which was causing him to forget words and hindering his fine motor skills. Jordan had realised that the fast paced world of the ED was a better place to hide his condition than in the operating theatre and his desire to improve the department was born of a need to create a lasting legacy in the event that he did not have long to live.

Jordan was cunning when hiding his symptoms, using junior doctors Ruth and Toby to cover when he forgot words, and scheming to have Adam sent on compassionate leave when he came too near the truth. When Jordan collapsed in the ED his condition became impossible to conceal or ignore.

Jordan refused surgery due to the risk of complications - preferring to die than be unable to continue in the job he loved. However, when he was hospitalised, Zoe forged his signature on a consent form and the surgery went ahead.

Jordan survived the surgery and returned to work, initially in a non-clinical capacity although he was gradually allowed to return to treating patients. At this time his relationship with Zoe ended after she lied about being pregnant, as she was unable to face telling him that she was infertile. Eventually the pair developed a close friendship - Zoe was the only person who could get away with calling him Nick or cheeking him!

Jordan settled back into his role as king of the ED, fighting to make the department the best it could be and encouraging the younger doctors like Lenny and Sam. However, there was no sign of a happy ending in his personal life until he met feisty policewoman Yvonne Rippon.

It soon became clear that Yvonne was the 'the one' for Jordan and when she was seriously injured in the Holby riots he left the ED in Zoe's hands to care for her.

Jordan returned briefly when Yvonne was admitted to hospital and died.

Despite being devastated he tried to return to business as usual as Clinical Lead but when he was brought face to face with the man who stabbed Yvonne - and saved his life - he realised that he needed to create a life for himself beyond the hospital.

Bidding Zoe an emotional farewell, he left the department in her hands.

Nick Facts

  • Found out that he may have fathered a son, Kieron, but was disappointed when a DNA test revealed otherwise.
  • Turned the ED into a Centre of Excellence.
  • Nick was something of a ladies' man. His love interests included Karen, Jac and Diane on Holby City and Ruth and Zoe in Casualty.
  • He developed a close working relationship with Charlie, despite Charlie's initial reservations caused by Jordan's Machiavellian reputation in the hospital.
  • Hanssen appointed Jordan's old mentor Miriam to the department in a mistaken belief that the pair hated each other and Miriam would try to oust Jordan. It turned out that Jordan and Miriam were more 'frenemies' than 'enemies' and beneath their constant bickering was a deep mutual regard. Miriam eventually stepped down and Jordan retained control of the ED.