Alice Carter

Accustomed to having everything handed to her on a plate, Alice has had to do a lot of growing up over the past few years.

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Played by:
Hollie Chapman
29 September 1988
Aeronautical engineer
Lives at:
The Nest, Home Farm

Spending some of her gap year on an AIDS project in Africa with her sister Kate Madikane, she turned from spoilt child to thinking young woman. This enabled her eventually to cope with and accept the news of her father's illegitimate son Ruairi. She even began to feel some affection towards the boy.

But she can shake things up herself. In the vacation before her final year studying engineering at Southampton University, Alice returned from Las Vegas married to Chris Carter. Jennifer was appalled!

Nonetheless, they seemed to settle down to a blissfully happy mariage. But Alice quickly became frustrated by her first job after graduating. An interview in Canada led to devastating consequences.

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Alice Carter
  • Likes - Her horse Spearmint, technical stuff
  • Dislikes - Toeing the line
  • Highs - Marrying Chris
  • Lows - Discovering the results of her father's infidelity, Chris's accident

Immediate family

Key relationships

  • India Beesborough (Friend)
  • Amy Franks (usually a friend) - When they stay off the issue of hunting