Want to get into TV? Our expert advice could land you a Bafta one day

Where to Start

From runner to exec producer, working in TV is a fast paced, dynamic world where you'll rarely be bored! The first thing to do is get to grips with the kind of jobs that exist in TV and find out which one could be for you -  but remember you'll nearly always have to start as a runner so make sure you don't mind helping out wherever needed.

You have to work really well in a team
Tim Marrinan - Filmmaker

Find out more about being a runner from the horses mouth: Being a Runner on Strictly Come Dancing 

And then of course there's the OTHER side of the camera, acting, presenting, being an expert... If this is where you want to be check out our top tips for getting into acting from British star of the screen Lenora Crichlow.

Jobs in TV

Getting that first runner position is all about hard work, a cracking CV, and probably doing an internship or work experience. The BBC offers huge amount of work experience opportunities from Childrens TV, to Factual, and Entertainment. You can also check out our TV production pinboard for ideas of where you can look for that first runners position, from one day shoots to a brand new series.

The general way that a TV career progresses is like this (but this can vary from company to company as everyone likes to make up their own rules a bit) Click on each job to check out what's involved

Researcher -> Assistant Producer -> Producer (or Producer / Director) -> Executive Producer -> Commissioner 

Twenty-Something Jobs

Get the lowdown from Jamie, a TV producer, on how he got to where he is and where he started. We also spoke to Sachelle who works as a researcher. Find Sachelle's profile here. 

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