Helen joined Blue Peter in 2008 (replacing Zoe Salmon) and quickly became the action woman of the team. Her co presenters included Joel Defries, Barney Harwood and Andy Akinwolere, who has also taken part in The Great Comic Relief Bake Off.

Recipes frustrate me… I hate sticking to them

Thanks to her time at Blue Peter, she already holds two world records for Sport Relief. In 2010, she kayaked over 2000 miles along the Amazon River, and in 2012 she finished a 500 mile trek to the South Pole, in temperatures as low as -48°.

She now co-presents Holiday Hit Squad alongside Angela Rippon and Joe Crawley. Helen lives with her rugby league player fiancé Richie Myler and her dog Barney who was also a Blue Peter regular during Helen’s time there.

Baking Experience

• Helen rates her own baking ability as 2/10. Her friends all think it’s a joke that she’s doing Bake Off as everyone thinks she’s terrible in the kitchen. She believes she’s actually good at cooking (rather than baking) and is determined to prove them wrong.

• Her most impressive bake to date is still the apple crumble she made in Home Economics at school, but that wasn’t plain sailing. After 40 minutes of wondering why her crumble wasn’t baking, she finally realised she’d only turned the oven light on.

• She always volunteered to do the bakes on Blue Peter – she’s aware she came across as a kitchen disaster but swears that’s because they had to work very quickly.

The Bake Off

• She’s never made pies or pasties so thinks the pizza base will be a challenge for her.

• Hopes they won’t have to make anything “fancy, like something with Chantilly cream” as she’s only confident with stodgy solid bakes and would be daunted by anything delicate.

• Thinks Mary Berry will be the scariest as “she’s such a classy and elegant lady”. She reminds Helen of Angela Rippon (who she presents Holiday Hit Squad with).