Stone-Age Steve and the Dragon

by Christian Morton, aged 9

2013 BRONZE WINNER - 9 Years Old & Under

Watch Michael Palin read 'Stone-Age Steve and the Dragon' during the 500 WORDS 2013 grand final.

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A long time ago in medieval times there was a boy called Steve, he was well known in the village of Snottingham as he had the most smelly and horrific farts on Earth!! Because of his tremendous farts he was banished to a cave on the outskirts of town, this is how he got his nick name "Stone-age Steve" the boy who lived in a cave.

One day Steve woke up to hear a shrieking sound, he peeked his head outside the cave to see what was happening and saw an unbelievable site!

A large scaly beast was rampaging through the village breathing fire and destroying buildings. Steve ran to the village to help, but by the time he arrived the beast had gone. All the villagers looked strange at Steve, and Steve remembered that he had been banished, he offered to help in exchange for being allowed back into the village, but they all said no and the Kings men chased him away.

Just as he turned the corner on his way home, he noticed a large red scaly tail disappearing underground; he couldn't help his curiosity he had to discover what it was! Unfortunately he couldn't see an entrance, he kicked a large stone in frustration and like magic a secret passageway opened up.

He couldn't believe his eyes! He was scared but had to find out where the passageway led. He walked in the darkness towards a distant light ahead, as he grew nearer he saw the light was the flames from the beast's gapping mouth, it was a dragon! It had large razor sharp teeth, giant wings sprouting from his back, red scaly skin, and a long thick tail, he also saw giant tears dripping from its large orange eyes.

Steve although scared, felt sorry for the dragon and shouted "Are you ok? I am a friend, why are you crying?"

The dragon glared in shock at Steve, then started to smile, he spoke in a booming voice

"No-one has ever been my friend, this is why I am so sad, and why I went to the village, but they hurt me and made me angry so I got frustrated and breathed fire"

Steve told the dragon how the king had banished him, and that he was also lonely and maybe they could be friends! Unfortunately in all the excitement Steve let out a sneaky fart and the surrounding tunnels under the village exploded with fire.

Steve and the Dragon fell over laughing, but then they heard cheering in the distance, all the villages had come bounding out of their homes as the underground heating caused by the fire had warmed up their freezing homes, Steve and the Dragon ran to the village as friends and were hailed heroes when they explained what had happened, Steve's super farts combined with the Dragon's explosive fire had created the first central heating!

From then on the best friends were treated like kings and lived together happily ever after!