Sabrina Thwaite

Well-heeled occupant of one of Ambridge's most expensive developments.

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Played by:
Silent character
Married to Richard Thwaite
Yummy mummy
Lives at:
Grange Spinney

Sabrina is a super-fit "yummy mummy", whose appearances at village events from pancake races to pub quizzes prove her to be fiercely competitive.

She volunteered to be a team leader at Ambridge's community shop but figures aren't her strong point so she sometimes needs to be bailed out. Strangely, there is no shortage of men willing to oblige.

I'm just popping to the gym.
Sabrina Thwaite
  • Likes - Winning
  • Dislikes - Losing
  • Highs - Winning the 2007 Pancake race in fine style
  • Lows - There was that time when she lost a nail...

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