Stirling Moss

One of the most famous names in the history of motor racing.

Stirling Moss became the first Brit to win the British Grand Prix in 1955. He was Britain’s most consistently brilliant driver in the first decade of the World Championship, winning 16 Grand Prix races.

the greatest driver never to win the World Championship
That Petrol Emotion

He finished second in the F1 Driver’s Championship four times in a row from 1955 to 1958 and is often referred to as the greatest driver never to win the World Championship.

Moss was also an outstanding rally driver and in 1955 he set a new course record winning the famous Mille Miglia, a thousand mile race around Italy.

He was forced to retire in 1962 following a crash which put him in a coma. Legend has it that during and after his career, the rhetorical question "Who do you think you are, Stirling Moss?" was supposedly the standard question all British policemen asked speeding motorists. Moss himself was once stopped for speeding and apparently was asked just that.


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