Terry Spraggan

You can’t get a more straightforward bloke than gentle giant Terry Spraggan. He tells it like it is, lives for his family and stays clear of anything technological – he doesn’t do change!

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First appearance:
5th November 2013
Last appearance:
12th September 2014
Cab driver

As a kid, Terry was a bit of a tearaway, but luckily he grew out of it and found his feet (and wheels) when he took up a life on the road as a London cabbie. But technophobe Terry wasn’t going to be guided by a sat nav; he spent four years mastering The Knowledge and the alluring London streets.

Terry managed to find love with well-spoken, stewardess Nikki. But a marriage, two kids and numerous arguments later, they realised that they weren’t right for each other. He and Nikki got divorced and, being the stable one in the relationship, they decided that Terry should have full custody of their two kids; Terry Jnr and Rosie.

Played by Terry Alderton