Norman Simmonds

Norman was an optimist, indecisive and cautious and most definitely a follower rather than a leader.

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First appearance:
5th July 2011
Last appearance:
2nd January 2012

All his life, Norman Simmonds has been a follower rather than a leader. He´s indecisive and cautious, but does possess a certain charismatic quality which draws people to him, especially women! Suffice to say, Norman has been married five times, but has no idea what the ladies see in him.

Me and Lady Luck have never been on good terms...
Norman Simmonds

He was rejected by his mother from an early age. Lydia had never wanted a son, and doted on his sister June. As a result, Norman was an awkward teenager, until he fell into the company of Frank Butcher and became his sidekick. Despite Frank exploiting his gentle nature, he was Norman´s hero...

Norman was an optimist and looks for the good in people but bad luck has followed him all his life and he´s used to it now. He´s a busy person who is involved in lots of social activities; his one true love being rock ´n' roll.

Played by George Layton