Brian Williams

Brian Williams is Rory’s dad, Amy Pond’s father-in-law, and although we haven’t seen him meet her, he’s also River Song’s granddad!

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Also known as:
Brian Pond
Home Planet:
Random ‘Yes!’ Moment:
Flying the Silurian ark with his son.
Brian always carried a trowel about... weird, but true!
First Appearance:
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Brian Williams was a down-to-earth guy who according to Rory, hated travel. ‘It makes him really anxious,’ he explained. ‘He only goes to the paper shop and golf.’ But after being whisked away on a trip with the Doctor he grew to appreciate the wonder and potential in new places and eventually journeyed the world and beyond...

“I’m riding a dinosaur on a spaceship... I only came round to fix your light!
Brian Williams

He was clearly very fond of Amy but could be picky and less than confident in his son’s abilities. And yet during his time on the Silurian ark he clearly bonded more closely with Rory. He saw his son’s medical skills in action when Rory was able to patch him up after a blast from one of Solomon’s robots and he saw his coolness in the face of adversity.

Brian adapted quickly to the type of mad adventure that Rory was already familiar with… At one stage, whilst he was still uncertain of the situation, he whooped with delight when they were riding a dinosaur and when the two men piloted the Silurian ark, it was Brian who cried out in disbelieving glee: ‘Rory! We’re flying a spaceship!’



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