Elaine Markham

Elaine is the strong-willed, no-nonsense partner of Peggy Scott.

In her 30’s, Elaine speaks her mind and always gets what she wants. She has the successful business and the relationship she wants, but the discovery of Melissa’s remains causes it all to fall apart and she struggles to retain the control she craves. Elaine doesn’t hide her feelings towards Melissa – she never liked her much. Not one to suffer those less successful, before long we discover Elaine has a darker secret regarding her neighbour.

Indira Varma

Indira has played a variety of roles in Film and Television, including Niobe in the epic multi award winning BBC/HBO series Rome which aired on BBC Two. For BBC Drama she played Zoe Luther in Luther alongside Idris Elba and George Duggan in Silk for BBC One. Other credits include Hunted, Moses Jones and Torchwood. Indira will shortly be seen in the hotly anticipated 4th series of Game of Thrones.