Yvonne Cotton

Yvonne Cotton is a cold, buttoned-up, forthright woman who has an unhealthy obsession with her son, Charlie.

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First appearance
12th May 2014
Last appearance:
13th January 2015

Getting knocked up by Nick Cotton while still very young, and her subsequent abandonment by him, has left Yvonne bitter with the hand she’s been dealt… and she’s not above taking that bitterness out on others. A strong and upstanding Catholic, Yvonne is known on occasion to use her faith to mask her own shrewdly observed judgements of others.

Since Nick left Yvonne’s whole world has centered around Charlie - and their relationship has become unhealthy, insular and controlling. Yvonne’s greatest fear in life is losing her son, but after planting evidence on Phil to spare Nick from jail, she's managed to do just that! Given her marching orders, Yvonne left The Square.

Played by Pauline McLynn