Corporal Christian Mills (aka Millsy) (Series 1)

Corporal Christian Mills (aka Millsy) is Nick’s Number Two - his right hand man.

He just wants to do a good job, and regularly succeeds in this as he’s diligent and smart – well, smart in that he can remember stuff. Lots of stuff. He knows which snack bar comes with which ration pack – and all the allowable two letter words in Scrabble. He’s not so smart in knowing when to say what he knows. And so he’s often on the receiving end of Nick’s withering sarcasm, but he bounces back fast.

Who do you most admire? My dad, may he rest in peace.

Who do you miss most? My mum. My sister. My Collins Dictionary.

What is your proudest moment? TZATZIKI = 140 on a triple word score, first Z a blank, obviously.