Tom Bedford and his partner Natalie work as nurses at St Anthony’s Hospital.

Tom (mid 30s) is a dependable and lovable lad who is well liked by both his close group of friends and his coworkers. He is devoted to his partner Natalie, who works in the maternity ward at the hospital, and they live together in a small terrace house in Bradford. They’ve been trying for a baby for the last few years but unfortunately it has not been straightforward. They’ve tried IVF but so far all attempts have been unsuccessful and Tom is devastated that he can not give Natalie the child she longs for.

Tom’s own father left him and his mother when he was just 10 years old. Tom now looks after his aging mother whom he loves dearly and has dreams of finding his father so he can ask him why he left them. He’s been looking for him on the internet for many years but his attempts have been fruitless. He tries to play down how important this is to him but he can’t hide the truth from Natalie.